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Hugh Rance, Shantullig, Durrus, Bantry, County Cork, Ireland.

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On My Website

You will find kilims (kelim or ghelim in Persian), rugs and antique weavings I have sought out and brought back from the Middle East: Kilims from Anatolia in Turkey, Kurdistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Persia - Iran, Kazakstan and Baluchistan; embroidered cicim, zili & soumac rugs, cushions, heybe horse and camel bags, chuval grain and storage bags (which also make great floor cushions), khorjin, salt bags as well other silk and tribal textiles.

The weavings I am particularly drawn to are those that express more than beautiful pattern-making but retain a vibrant ‘living’ quality; where the motifs, sometimes including archetypal magical symbols, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflect the true spirit of an ancient culture inherited through countless generations of weavers. The magical symbols and motifs woven into such kilims and weavings are also the real living expression of the desire, will and prayer of the individual and the family for the same protection, security, love and prosperity that we also strive for. These creations are the result of truly refined skills in dying, weaving and artistic expression, both inherited and learned, rarely surpassed outside Anatolia. Many of these weavings have been treasured by the families that made them for generations and passed on through inheritance and as dowry gifts.